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captioning institute][captions copyright nationalcable satellite corp. 2013] >> we have never really know what to do with our first ladies. especially in more recent times. they are expected to have causes . you cannot imagine one without a cause. on the other hand, those causes are not permitted to intrude upon lawmaking. capacity. it is all has been a tight rope. seeing how each of these women walk that tightrope tells you a lot not only about them but about the institution. our presentation of
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our original series first ladies, influence and image looking at the private lives of our first ladies. this week, martha washington to angelica van buren. with tonight's all this month starting on monday at 9:00 eastern on c-span. on martha washington, joining the conversation with patricia brady at what's the british parliament is in recess for the month of august. a will return september 2. we take a look back at the major events debated over the last few months. the bc parliament produced a one-hour program. >> welcome to westminster in review. back at the big events since
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easter. coming up on this program, the chancellor said there are billions of pounds to come. sociale money for ever spending. >> britain will spend more at the percentage of its national income all caps on investment in this decade despite the act that in the previous decade spending was being wasted in industrial area what's the conservatives unite around referendum about our place in the european union and >> they deserve a say deserve to be given a real choice. to paraphrase, that which our forefathers equipped -- and bequeath. fax probably gets the go-ahead for gay couples to marry. -- >> gay couples get the go- ahead to marry. for me and raphael, it is
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being equal in the eyes of the law. >> let's begin at the heart of government. and what can be described as the end of an era. thatcher.of lady the female prime minster was a charismatic and divisive. her home was number 10 downing street for more than a decade. as family and friends and political allies paid their respects to the woman known around the world as the iron lady. readings while her 19-year-old granddaughter and the prime minister gave the eulogy.
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ceremony, her coffin was taken to west london for private cremation. later, anotherks ceremonial procession made its way down. the centuries old tradition sees the queen make the journey from buckingham palace. once inside, she makes a speech setting up a government plan. this year, the queen was accompanied by the prince of wales and the duchess. house whilea packed the queen makes her way to the room. , lady their seats benjamin could be seen.
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and the people always remember, the slimming of the commodore -- the slimming of the commodore -- the commong of door. he is finally let in. house to attend her majesty's in the house. >> they want from the comments -- they walk from the common. they gather to hear the speech. >> to build an economy where people walk hard -- to work hard are probably rewarded. we will revise the benefit system to the people get from welfare to work.
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it will continue to invest in infrastructure to deliver jobs and growth for the economy. introduced will be to enable the high-speed railway lines. providing further opportunities for economic growth in many of britain's cities. my government will bring forward a simplern to create state pension system that encourages savings and provides more help to those was spent years caring for children. my government will bring forward a bill of reforms of the immigration system. the bill will ensure that in this country tracks people who contribute and deters those who will not. -- her majestyk the queen making that speech. it is written for the queen by
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ministers setting out our priorities. the details of those plans are given. the chancellor canto announced he planned on making another 11.5 billion cut. ukn necessary to cut the massive deficit. that would be more money for infrastructure projects, housing. it will cut across departments. crackdown on those who do not speak english at a cap a well first fitting. >> we commit to capital investment in 2015 for rose to railways, bridges, it will amount to over 300 billion pounds of capital spending guaranteeing to the end of this decade. today date we raise our national game. this means that britain will spend on average more as a percentage of its national
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income despite that that money was spent in the previous decade aware spending was being wasted in industrial. i have had representation that we should include the basic state pension in the wealth or cap. it would cut the pension of all of the people. that penalizes those who worked hard all their lives. cutting pensions to pay for it a choice this government is certainly not prepared to make. it is unfair. we will not do it. we rejected those representations area we are going to introduce a new seven before peoplewait can claim their benefits. those day should be looking for work. we are doing these things because we know they help people
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and help those on benefits get back into work faster. on, and claimants do not speak english, they will have to attend language courses until they do. this a reasonable requirement in this country. it will help people to find work . if you are not prepared to learn english, your benefits will be cut. >> families, long-term unemployment is up. well first spending is soaring. the economy is flatlining. ischle welfare spending soaring. the result of this failure. [indiscernible] not to balancing the books as he promised. of 96 billion pounds.
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>> the scales of the extra cuts. the chancellor announced that our police and defense services are the direct result of abject failure to get the economy to grow. mr. speaker, the chancellor is spelling. they are falling. it is flatlining. he is failing. we have more of the same. no plans to turn become me around. no hope for the future. price for paying the this chancellor's failure. idea thatlook at the any non-british kids and come to our country should have to work for a time and pay taxes before being eligible for well for benefits. is it the case that secured funding for schools include more money for children on preschool
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mills and today the most massive boost to infrastructure spending and scientific research in order to smooth the way of sustainable what makesowth? >> him think making the same mistakes all over again will >>iver a different result? the chancellor has come to us bring infrastructure spending. we have heard it before. what reflect is a record of complete failure. notmoney he announced it is actually get delivered. why should we have any more confidence? to, theye committed are getting their plan, construction is starting. completed.en the same is true with the schools annul the piece of infrastructure. one of our big albums has been the absence of a bunch of plants which were ready to go, we had
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to do all of this. speeding up the planning that the labor department voted against. -- the labor party voted against. it was good enough to acknowledge because of all of the problems of previous governments have had. .> the chancellor following that spending review, we have some idea where the government ambitions fall. what about labor is mark do have it any better idea about their priorities -- what about labor? -- do we have any better idea about their priorities? >> immediately after the election, they are not going to make new premises on current spending. it might be more money for capital spending. their argument issue be more investment and those projects. that matters now because without
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making those promises about current spending a month it is hard to come up with flashing holocene. including some people would like to come forward. -- about current spending. -- it is hard to, with less she fleshyis hard to, with -- it is hard to come up with flashy legislation. we need to get people engaged. we are beginning to see the outside issues of that. >> financial issues. has labor done enough apologizing and is anybody listening? the big problems the tories had was nobody was prepared to listen to what they had to say. they apologize for not
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doing enough to regulate banks. they did not say we spent too much. why don't they just say that? the concern is to focus their attack pretty sharply on the individual of the man who was .here the conservatives would argue the scene of the crime as they would characterize it when gordon brown was spending too much. if they try to get rid of that, if they try to dispel the years of brown, they have to do some some the personnel. that is not possible. they need to get back here and. they need to be heard without having to great of a -- i do not and you will see great changes. they are where they are on that. getquestion is, how do they a turn of becoming? how can they say something that is strikingly different from this government? their messages on spending more in terms of capital spending.
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when you listen, you will have similar things about big projects from his side which is maybe why you rarely see the chancellor with a high visibility jacket and a hard hat area -- hat. >> i will hear more from you later in the program. away from becoming, there was a host of other issues that include delicate handling. clerics that the radical was being deported finally to jordan to face terrorism charges. 53-year-old was described as a judge as osama bin laden's right-hand man mounted a pill after pill against deportation. appeal against deportation. he was put on a chartered jet. at the one final look
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country he was looking behind after 20 years. >> the government has succeeded and import deal by respecting the rule of law at each and every stage. we do not ignore judgment. we do not act outside of the law. we did what was right. thator civilized nations, is something of which we should see -- bill immensely proud. the problem is caused by the human rights act remains. that hed remember would've been deported long ago had the european court not moved to the global by establishing new, unprecedented legal grounds by which it block his deportation. i have made clear in my views that the and of the human rights act must be scrapped. also consider a religion with the european court very carefully. i believe all options include withdrawing should remain on the table. speaker, those are issues
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that want to wait until the general election. >> an entire house should strongly welcome the work that the home secretary and junior minister has done to get him on a plane and back to jordan to stand a fair trial. a could result not just renowned secretary but the country. accused of plotting terror attacks. he should stand trial for those offenses and for justice to be done. >> the liberal democrats are fundamentally wrong in arguing that either repelling the civil rights act are pulling out of the european convention would be in our best interest. if you want to set example for the majorities as was the minorities, and jordan and around the world, you do not pull out of the best guarantee written by britain and working well for the last several years.
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>> our european neighbors. it preoccupied many conservative mps. the leader of the uk independent party. he was snapping at the tories hills. ies' heels. to the left, 130. >> nearly 100 tories a dressing the fact paving the way or after the queen's speech. ,he concerns coalition partners liberal democrats did not back the idea. all was not lost. put for his own bill. he did to put through legislation for referendum to be held.
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on the question, do you think the united kingdom should be a member of the european union? in aited the conservatives divisive issue. >> mr. speaker, it is an honor for me to put forward a bill for half of our democracy. it should reside with the people, mr. speaker. and proposing this bill, i speak for many in this house and millions more outside of this area -- of this. ,ne thing defeated in this bill and does not ask for referendum until 2017. what we need is a referendum before the next election. will we get a guarantee? >> it is important that was secure the best possible deal and for a real choice of the british people. we should set a timeframe of which it should be done. that is why i am bringing it forward.
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time i974, the first ever voted. my son and daughter have never had the choice of making that democratic decision. that is what we should be doing today. that is why i sponsored the bill. >> she was lucky she had the opportunity to vote. as one honorable member whispered in my ear, a twinkle in the eye. [laughter] i do not have the opportunity to vote. >> minibus who campaigned for britain -- many of us who campaigned for britain. many in the referendum. ouraraphrase, that which work -- our forefathers bequeathed the mud there comes a point where one has to demonstrate the british people to our membership of the european union.
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to hold the european community. >> is it that it is at his company that we should have four years of uncertainty -- of this country that we should have or years of uncertainty? the reality is the british people deserve a safe and should be given a real choice. >> the priorities are jobs. [indiscernible] we do not believe a referendum in 2017 at and to spread by the honorable gentleman's ill is in the national interest. it reflects an arbitrary date. unrealistics an negotiating strategy. and those seeking consent and
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those seeking exit. this bill is not being debated because conservatives trust the public. it is being brought forward because conservatives do not trust the prime minister. >> every member of this house who is a true democrat can and should unite behind it is a bill. it is about letting the people decide. for those who like the eu just as it is, that does not meet, there are some opposite goal can regain. to see the eu those like me who want to see britain succeed in reforming the eu can see success in changing it at put it to the people. those who want britain to leave will also have the chance to persuade the british people. ultimately, it would be up to the voters to decide. that a of democracy. >> from europe to another subject and aroused considerable passions. we come to the house of lords where after approved by mp,
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their chance to scrutinize a bill allowing gay couples to marry. the legislation has polarized opinion from the start. its second reading in the common with the majority of more than 250. when it came to the house of lords him when mp wanted to throw out. to defend -- a minister came to defend the proposal. >> i am not married. as long as george clooney is still available, i am prepared to wait. [laughter] single, and iam hope people understand that not everybody wants to get married. i believe in the institution of marriage. like many other people, whether married or not, i believe it is one the fundamental building blocks of a strong society because this ability, continuity of insecurity it promotes. >> she said it was wrong to deny marriage to same-sex couples.
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but so much do we believe in marriage that whether gay or straight, all couples who are prepared to affirm publicly the commitment to each other and all the responsibility and joys that come with it to be free to marry. >> she tried to reassure critics. >> i understand that many who do not support same-sex marriage do so on the grounds of religious support. to them, i will point the religious freedoms. no religion or faith will be required to change the doctrine of practices because this bill if they choose not to. worldfind ourselves in a where an ill considered bill six to overturn centuries of tradition. opinion and the views of religion -- religious leaders and the laws of unintended consequence. it seems to alter the notion of
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marriage as we have always known it. witheks to divide a nation an argument that hides behind the concept of equality when in reality, it is about sameness. it stands on its head all caps and rations of the mandate. >> he said the government has not examined the implications. >> how can we consider turning the law of marriage on its head without taking full account of the implications of heterosexual partnerships as well? we must consider changing marriage. b with all of the facts at our disposal, all of the consequences, on the financial implications, and all social advantages and disadvantages known. and not plunder into a legal, theological, moral, and social logical. i ask that this bill should be defeated now. and not allowed to pick up otherle time when so many
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pressing matters and our attention. lot aboutek, i cap a marriage. not just about this bill. i was choosing a wedding dress. i told my daughter. what she described as an important ritual and allow her to make a commitment to a man she loves. and wants to mary catherine is dead james, what i feel any different? i would not. -- and if charlie wanted to marry catherine instead of james, would i go any different? >> which i would personally support to strengthen us all. this bill weakens what exists and replaces it with a less good option that is neither equal nor effective.
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, it iswith much regret our conviction i cannot support the bill at this time. ground ofe on the non-consummation and this implies that it will generally involve sexual intercourse between the parties. there is no such implication in the union proposed in this bill. relations with uppers of the same-sex is not expressly mentioned as a ground of divorce here. for all of these reasons, i concluded the union of same-sex couples in this bill is not the institution of marriage but a new and different institution which deserves a name of its own. >> i believe marriage is a great environment in which to raise children. all kinds of reasons, marriage is not defined by
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children or even by the possibility of procreation. marriage is a much bigger concept than that. >> several people spoke about the family experiences of same- sex relations. daughter'sbout his civil union. >> what conceivable damage their do toge permitted would any other marriage in the land. is there anyone of your marriage lordships who would fill any less married if anna and joanna were permitted, lawful wedlock? of, why dobe proud we need this legislation? , it is thatafael our relationship be equal in the eyes of the law. ish --ember-
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demonstrations both for and against gay marriage continued. but in the end, it finally completed its passage through the parliament in the middle of july. stand with subjects that aroused great passions, there was much debate about the state of national health service. labor raise a report through a think tank of the four-hour waiting time targets at emergency departments. it sat than the first three month of this year i'm a nearly breachestals reported in the target. ago, he said this. i refuse to go back to the days where people have to wait hours a&e' be seen in what has gone wrong?
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let me be clear. >> we have met targets. there was a problem in the first part of the year. a medical director will be holding an investigation. the crucial fact is over the last three years, there are one million more people walking into our emergency units every year. of thechief executive confederation recently said that. they have been compounded by three years of structural reform. words, the top-down reorganization nobody wanted and nobody voted for. customer every bite in the health service knows. that top-down reorganization that verdict resources away from patient care. -- why is that? everybody in the health services no. collects that only have to look at the hospital --

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